About Virginia Heroes Incorporated

A native of Richmond, Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. dreamed of providing Virginia children with real-life role models as examples of how positive, successful and fulfilling life can be. He believed that if you build a child’s self-confidence and help him or her develop sound values, you prepare that child for success. In 1991, Arthur Ashe helped found Virginia Heroes Incorporated, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, which provides role models and mentors to middle schhool students in Richmond Public Schools.

Each year, Virginia Heroes Incorporated touches the lives of hundreds of middle-school students. Volunteer mentors from Richmond area corporations, businesses, government and service agencies meet with students twice each month for one hour.

The middle school years are critical in the growth of a child. Having a trusted older person to share decisions with, listen to problems and provide guidance is vitally important.

Recent research shows programs teaching emotional and social skills also produce measurable improvement in a child’s academic performance.

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